About us

"From the corner of house comes out… massive, wide, strong-built body. The combination  of the majesty and courage.
Next, without the unnecessary hurry appear big and round – paws –
the first, the second, the third and the fourth – they carry almost one hundred kilo of body…
Face or muzzle short, broad. 
Wrinkled, flat forehead.
Brows slightly raised. 
Nose broad with widely spreading nostrils starts sniffing me, whether I am I. Small, wide apart, hazel-brown eyes to stare at me. 
Moderately long but very muscular neck. Small, thin to touch ears, wide apart, laying flat and close to cheeks recognize my voice. 
Wide at root and tapering to end, set on high tail moves rhythmically as in the soldier’s march.
Wide, deep and well let down between forelegs chest, rotates around its own axis and … disappears.
With strong, free movement after a moment he comes back; muzzle opened to the half, puffs quietly, ears laying flat and close to cheeks, sends a warm look, smiles without the smile, comes up to me – a wet black nose gently touches me,
I bend down to stroke, greets licking my face, the moustache tickle me in the mouth – so much saying, however, without a single word…"
Our kennel is located directly at Babiogórski National Park in Zawoja (Poland). Dogs are brought up in the quiet and healthy environment, what as we can see, affects their vitality. 
Its beginning a few years ago looked typically – the first dog charmed us so, that we made decision about the following and following… The first successes also international,  but mostly devotion of our doggies led to the moment, that at the present they are the indissoluble part of our family.
Sometimes is not easy but it is worth.
For us dogs are a real passion. They teach us the consequence, the patience, the gentleness and understanding. Dogs live here and now, they aren’t planning, are simply pleased with every moment and we just try to learn it from them.
Our Deos Nostros Kennel is registered in the Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI and in the Polish Kennel Club under 4040/D number.